Dan Fogelberg Setlists

Nov 16 1974

Dan Fogelberg at Wait Chapel, Winston Salem, NC, USA

  1. Another Old Song
  2. Next Time
  3. Morning Sky
  4. Changing Horses
  5. Part of the Plan
  6. Anyway I Love You
  7. Long Way Home
  8. As the Raven Flies
  9. (Someone's Been) Telling You Stories
  10. To the Morning
Oct 13 1974

Dan Fogelberg at Ebbets Field, Denver, CO, USA

  1. Another Old Song
  2. Stars
  3. Next Time
  4. Morning Sky
  5. Changing Horses
  6. Part of the Plan
  7. Part of the Plan
  8. Anyway I Love You
  9. Living in the Country
  10. As the Raven Flies
  11. (Someone's Been) Telling You Stories
  12. To the Morning
Dan Fogelberg setlists

Dan Fogelberg

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