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Sep 22 2017

Edward David Anderson at The Castle Theatre, Bloomington, IL, USA

  1. Sittin' Around at Home
  2. Chasing Butterflies in the Wind
  3. Hurricane
  4. The Next Melody
  5. Bums in the Sun
  6. Got Me a Woman
  7. Hidin' at the Hollow
  8. Gentle on My Mind
  9. A Long Time
  10. Town to Town
  11. Everybody in This Town
  12. Harmony
  13. ...
Jul 27 2017

Edward David Anderson at FloydFest 2017

  1. Harmony / Lawyers, Guns and Money
  2. Trouble up the Road
  3. Dog Days
  4. Sittin' Around at Home
  5. Chasing Butterflies in the Wind
  6. Bad Tattoos
  7. Everybody's Talkin'
  8. Tears at Bay
  9. Hiding at the Hollow
  10. Gentle on My Mind
  11. Spanish Pipedream
  12. Colorado Girl
  13. ...

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Edward David Anderson

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