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Mar 16 2018

Hiss Golden Messenger at SXSW 2018

  1. Blue Country Mystic
  2. Jenny of the Roses
  3. The Rain Don't Fall on Me
  4. I've Got a Name for the Newborn Child
  5. Call Him Daylight
  6. Southern Grammar
  7. Biloxi
  8. At the Crossroads
Mar 9 2018

Hiss Golden Messenger at Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC, USA

  1. Saturday's Song
  2. Red Rose Nantahala
  3. Biloxi
  4. Jenny of the Roses
  5. I Am the Song
  6. Lost Out in the Darkness
  7. Call Him Daylight
  8. Harder Rain
  9. Tell Her I'm Just Dancing
  10. As the Crow Flies
  11. O Little Light
  12. Gulfport You've Been on My Mind
  13. ...

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Hiss Golden Messenger setlists

Hiss Golden Messenger

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