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Aug 19 2017

Nilla Nielsen at Surbrunnsparken, Ystad, Sweden

  1. Kommer inte att sova i natt
  2. Goldfish in a Bowl
  3. The UFO Song (The Guinea Pig Song)
  4. Ain't Got Much
  5. Salt
  6. Only One Crying
  7. Liquid Gold
  8. Because the Night
  9. Found You
  10. Destination Unknown
  11. Higher Ground
  12. The World Seems so Rough
  13. ...
Jul 26 2017

Nilla Nielsen at Folk å Rock, Malmö, Sweden

  1. Kommer inte att sova i natt
  2. The Girl You Used to Know
  3. Man From the North
  4. The UFO Song (The Guinea Pig Song)
  5. Only One Crying
  6. Good Loving
  7. Black Water
  8. Good Day
  9. Destination Unknown
  10. Higher Ground
  11. Goldfish in a Bowl

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Nilla Nielsen setlists

Nilla Nielsen

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