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Feb 16 1980

The Alley Cats at Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA, USA

  1. Licorice Cats
  2. Today
  3. Under My Thumb
  4. Give Me a Little Pain
  5. One More Chance to Survive
  6. Nightmare City
  7. Black Haired Girl
  8. Just an Alley Cat
  9. Too Much Junk
  10. The Hardest Thing
  11. Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
Oct 31 1979

The Alley Cats at 1st Northern California Punk Fest 1979

  1. Today
  2. Under My Thumb
  3. Just an Alley Cat
  4. Licorice Cats
  5. One More Chance to Survive
  6. Black Haired Girl
  7. Night Along the Boulevard
  8. Nightmare City
  9. The Hardest Thing
  10. Too Much Junk
  11. Jailhouse Rock
  12. Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
  13. ...

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The Alley Cats setlists

The Alley Cats

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