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Thunderstruck by Red Hot Chilli Pipers


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Thunderstruck stats AC/DC 2CELLOS Steve ’n’ Seagulls Jailbreak Back in Black Whole Lotta DC The Darkness Umphrey’s McGee De Boertjes van Buuten Chris Slade David Garrett Reece Mastin Metalachi Marc Storace Hellsongs Vasilis Papakonstantinou 4 Szmery Barock Big Wreck Hell’s Belles Red Hot Chilli Pipers Andrew Mark Schaffer Troef Boer Diarrhea Planet Easy Dizzy Navarone Steve’n’Seagulls Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague Collective Soul Kevin Devine Dirty Deeds '79 Matthew Good Band Livewire Mambo Kurt Motorocker Neon Highways Panzerballett Thunderstruck A-Meezing Coverband AB/CD AB/CD AC/Dynamite ACCA/DACCA Bon Scott Breaking Benjamin Chris Slade Steel Circle Classic Albums Live Constantines Coup de Grisou Crookers Mac DeMarco Hannibal Hazy/Dizzy Joe Seerg Justice Leftöver Crack Live Wire Local H Los Cinco Felices Cuatro Mammoth Mammoth Massive Wagons Metal Jam Mister Cover Nilla Nielsen NOFX One One One Pastors of Muppets Porretas Rational Youth Ricardo Vignini & Zé Helder Riff Raff Sangdragon Sideburn Simon James Chisholm Kim Sjøgren Spellbound Sunparlour Players Sweden Symphony Orchestra Voltage Andrew W.K. Whole Lotta DC

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