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Sad but True by One: The ONLY Tribute to Metallica


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Sad but True stats Metallica Nickelback Apocalyptica One: The ONLY Tribute to Metallica AlcoholicA 30 Seconds to Mars The Lounge Kittens Steve ’n’ Seagulls Skindred Mentallica Carajo Leo Jiménez Damage, Inc. Puppets From Hel Jelonek Dreadnox Pursuing the End Amaranthe Angra Hooverphonic Internal Thorn Psycho Retallica Santa Furia Snoop Dogg The Soul Rebels Brass Band Whiskey Sin Arsénica Close Your Eyes Doctor Dead Desván Dr. Acula Foo Fighters Limp Bizkit Lionheart Motorbreath S.K.O.R. SaD Screaming in Silence The Bedlam Umphrey’s McGee Undercover Various Artists War Kabinett

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