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hi 2DFan

I appreciate this is a pretty long shot request but do you have any of your Syd Barrett or Pink Floyd ticket stubs that you could send over a scan or picture of? I’d be happy to offer you 10x face value of each ticket you might have :)
Any memories of the shows at all...probably not as they were over 50 years ago now.
Hope to hear from you...

Kind regards

hello, were you really at Genesis first paid concert in 1969? Any special memory from it? I would be very interested in chatting about it and hearing what you remember of it... pls contact me at mcirese@hotmail.com, thanks!

Hi, I've seen you attended Linkin Park concert at Hollywood West on july 8th 2000:

Can you actually confirm this is the real setlist? I got confued because it's the same of the concert on 5th september and on 9th june.

Thank you for your time :)

12 days till EMIN3M's Revival

11 days 'til EMIN3M's new album "Revival"

Get THE KILLERS - Wonderful Wonderful

I was on TV! but that was at 2015 brief cameos, in 2016 too

OMD (Orchestral Manouveres In The Dark) - The Punishment of Luxury 1 September 2017

HEY! I'm 2DFan, i recorded (Blur: Tenders In Paris June 15 2015 Le Zenith) not published yet, broadcasted in the german/french channel "Arte"

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