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hello, were you really at Genesis first paid concert in 1969? Any special memory from it? I would be very interested in chatting about it and hearing what you remember of it... pls contact me at mcirese@hotmail.com, thanks!

Hi, I've seen you attended Linkin Park concert at Hollywood West on july 8th 2000:

Can you actually confirm this is the real setlist? I got confued because it's the same of the concert on 5th september and on 9th june.

Thank you for your time :)

12 days till EMIN3M's Revival

11 days 'til EMIN3M's new album "Revival"

Get THE KILLERS - Wonderful Wonderful

I was on TV! but that was at 2015 brief cameos, in 2016 too

OMD (Orchestral Manouveres In The Dark) - The Punishment of Luxury 1 September 2017

HEY! I'm 2DFan, i recorded (Blur: Tenders In Paris June 15 2015 Le Zenith) not published yet, broadcasted in the german/french channel "Arte"

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