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u got the better deal
i think wire train is better than the alarm

Hey! Thank you so much for responding! I really appreciate it! Thank you so much for the information! Have a good one, man! :D

Hey there! I see that you were at these two Red Hot Chili Peppers shows! Both of these setlists are incomplete, and I was wondering if you remembered any more of the songs that they played at these gigs? If so, please get back to me so I can fill the setlists out. Thank you! :)


Hi there, I'm collecting live audio recording by The Police and am looking for their Miami 2007 recording. Did you or friends of yours record this show ? If you did or can help me, please email me at : maisquefaitlapolice@yahoo.fr
It would be much appreciated. Stuff to trade. Thanks a lot. Cheers. Dr

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