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Good Afternoon, I see that you attended a system of a down show from 1995, that's crazy, how was it? I want to know if you have any recordings/photos from that event, if not, do you know anyone who does, thanks in advance!

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band finally went thru. I still don't know how a mistake like it could even occur as Bonzo mbid was correct. Typical Bonzo mayhem I guess

Sorry about that mistake on my part. You should report that on the Problem with Artists Forum so we can decide what name to use. You should definitely give your opinion on what you think is best. Thanks for catching this but I can’t believe nobody has noticed it before, especially me who has added many of their setlists in the past.

Private Venue is used. You can put venue details in Comment section

Bonzos used many names. I guess we decided to go with their original one.

Just a heads up - your source link for the July 1, 1983 Fishbone set at Madam Wong's leads to an Oct. '92 ad for the Palace.

I think what you did was te proper way to handle it. If we get more conclusive information in the future we can always change it.

Thanks for trying to find it.

Looks like you have a subscription to the LA Times reviews as you've been adding songs from there. If you could add the songs to this Richard Thompson setlist I would appreciate it. And if he mentions the guitarist, maybe Gary Donahue, who guested and add that too that would be great.

Hey. Your edit 3 hours ago (before I touched the setlist) tagged Kathy Valentine:
Oh Yeah (Col Joye cover) (with Kathy Valentine) (– Mike Stax of the Loons)

Most of the artists on the setlist weren’t tagged @With so I started adding the tags to the first artist in the @Info note list with a mbid from musicbrainz (and thus importable on this website).
If you think the artist tagged should be swapped with an artist typed in the @Info note, make the change. There are still several songs with artists in song @Info that should be @With if they have a mbid.

sound like it was a cool show

Thanks for updating the Wild Honey show. I saw it last night after getting back from Cruel World and it was completely blank. I forgot to grab a brochure, so my info was incomplete. I could swear I walked past Lenny at The Rose Bowl on Saturday

Thank you. I asked because the Tamar you added is a South African vocalist who is quite unknown and certainly not the one that performed on the other side of the world in 2008.

Not too bad! Based on the info from that video, found that particular Smile on Discogs, if that helps:
The Smile you were previously adding sets to is this one:
But yeah, there have been a lot of bands named Smile over the years (and now we even have THE Smile).

Please stop adding '70s setlists for the band Smile. They were active in the '90s and early 2000s, so none of these setlists are correct.

hey. Thanks for adding songs to the Beach Boys Salute setlists.
There can be only one setlist with the Take 6 & Michael McDonald performance.
Based on the performance and who sang lead more, would you give it to Take 6 or Michael McDonald (with the other artist @With tagged)?

Definitely the specific venue on campus is preferred if known. If you could change the other two setlists I would appreciate it as you probably have a source. If not just let me know and I will do it.

I put them all as Reseda Country Club because that seems to have been the actual name of the club. Promoters often used their own names in advertising for venues to promote themselves and not the venue. They often did the same with tickets as they paid for printing them. Feline Fields in Tempe is another example of this type of self promotion.
Thanks for the heads up.

Hi! Thanks for adding so much to the Muiscares setlists. I'm just cleaning up some formatting things. What a fantastic event you got to attend!

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