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Name B. Smiley

Music Producer/Remixer/Dj.
Resident Dj @ Supperclub SF 2005-2015.
Head Honcho of Late Night Sneakin Records.


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Hi, my name is Marc Hogan and I'm a senior writer for Pitchfork, a Condé Nast music publication based in New York. We're putting together an "oral history" of the 1996 Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco, and I see that you were there. Would you be willing to chat briefly about whatever you remember from that weekend? Please let me know: marc@pitchfork.com. Thank you so much, hope you're well. Best, Marc

Hi there. I wanted to say thanks for your recent memories about the 'Nine for the 90's' concert. We eventually ended up deleting that setlist, and your perspective helped.

On that topic, I'm the mod for a new Facebook group called 'Pacific Northwest Music Archives,' and some of the Rocket staff who organized the show have joined the group. We had discussion about the concert, and I asked about the MLB question--they said 'MLB did not perform--that is the definitive answer.' Good to get that one finally settled.

By the way, if you're on FB, you might find that group interesting.

Hi, I see you’ve stayed you were at the 9 for 90’s show at the Paramount. Can you confirm if Mother Love Bone played it? Someone else who was there believes they didn’t. Thanks

Poster for this show:


As noted, the 9 bands were Alice in Chains, Beat Happening, The Defenders, Girl Trouble, High Performance (then called 'High Performance Crew'), Love Battery, The Posies, The Walkabouts, and Young Fresh Fellows. The special guests included performance artist Steven Jay Bernstein on spoken word and Richard Peterson guesting on trumpet for the Young Fresh Fellows. No other bands played.

I'm perplexed as to why the author above thought that MLB played at this concert, but during online discussions on Seattle music pages, all attendees agree that they did not perform. Perhaps the author is confusing this performance with another concert.

At any rate, he also falsely writes that The Fastbacks played at this concert. The Fastbacks were erronously listed on early advertisements for the concert, but guitarist Kurt Block and bassist/vocalist Kim Warwick have both told me that they did not play, and in fact, the Fastbacks were on hiatus during the entire year of 1989. In other words, there appears to be at least one other mistake in that particular paragraph.