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Thanks for your help.
I'll change the date of the Mildenhall 1987 Festival.
(Now it's on August 5th)

Hi Oddi
The First Caroline Mildenhall Rock & Blues was Sat 8th 1987 - I have gig tkt 7209 as proof.

Also, in a fit of first class 'uber nerding' I have lovingky scanned in ALL gig tkts i've attended to in 35 years of loving this sort of stuff, so if you ever want a gig tkt as proof please say the word and I'll email you a JPEG scan across. All originals are lovingly mounted in a bark covered photo album which never leaves the house. Does that help ?

Hi ,
when did the festival take place (Mildenhall Rock and Blues Festival 1987)?
Wednesday, August 5, 1987 or Saturday, August 8,1987 ?
You were there, or not?
I've found the photo - What a great time!

Morning Oddi
Sorry, i'm not entirely sure what you're asking? I went to all 4 of the Mildenhall Festivals from 88 - 91 Inclusive - they were all on the Saturday and I have a gig tkt for each one as 'proof' as it were.
Incidentally, there is a photo that i'm in on the site ! - The photo " Local band "Caught in the Act" entertains a few dedicated bangers !. © Neil Williamson." - I'm the tall bloke with the Metallica T shirt on the far left facing the camera.
Feel free to email me directly on if you'd like to?

Rory Gallagher at Mildenhall 1987 will delete.
There are Infos about 1987:
You can see two different dates:
Wednesday 5th or Saturday 8th
What do you think? You were there.

I attended my first Rock/Metal Gig at sometime in 1982 - Ground Attack & Made in England (who would become Gothique) at Stevenage Leisure Centre. My first major gig was Friday 15th March 1985 - Accept & Exciter at the Hammersmith Odeon. From that point a close band of friends attended everything we could afford for at least the next 10+ years.

Things have become a little more selective since then, but I have always kept each and every gig tkt and can produce one for just about every gig I've ever attended. Some small gigs never gave out tickets though and you sometimes get just a stamp on the back of the hand or mark with a marker pen as an entry ticket (!)

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