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Please read Please read the guidelines for tours and festival to distinguish the difference between both
One off tribute concerts for Springsteen are not considered a tour.

No problem. But please be careful reporting setlists for deletion. Once they're gone they cant be recovered and have to be recreated from scratch. Also, you need to be aware that not all Youtube videos are necessarily exactly what they claim to be. Some have the wrong dates. Some have performances from multiple shows edited together etc. This means that a youtube link is not necessarily an authoritative source so please don't think that such a link ends the argument as to what songs were played. Anyway, thanks for responding.

What's up with reporting this as a "Spam" setlist? This 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert is well documented.

Dear Billy Bruce,

The only covers that Were done in FULL were A Hard Days Night and A Day in the Life

Hi! Can you please provide a citation for each of the live debut comments that you added to Billy Joel setlists, otherwise they might be removed. Thanks!

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