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I've only marked concerts as attended where there are songs listed.


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Pablo joined here xD Pretty cool that he could even find concerts from almost 20 years ago!

Thanks for the bootlegs. I remember they posted them on their website or blog not long after the show but I neglected to download them. It was only a few months later when I went searching for them that I couldn't find them. It's good to listen back on the soundwave set. It still makes me laugh.

Hey, I saw you posted about the Bloddhound Gang bootleg at Melbourne Soundwave in 2009. Do you have a copy or know where I could get it? I'd love to relisten to it.

Yes, I was aware of it. But there were 60 setlist with "a" and 20 with "the". That's why I changed these with "the".

But, in some way, "Bird on a Wire" is also correct ( ).

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