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Hi -- I have an odd request. I'm writing a band biography on Coroner, and I see you were at the Sept 4, 1989 show at Club Soda in Montreal. I was wondering if you had any memories of that show, stories, general was a long time ago! Anyway, you might not check this any time soon, but I'll be working on this for a while, so whenever you might get back to me is fine. You can email me: with "Coroner Show" in the subject line! Cheers!

The Jefferson Airplane concert for Minneapolis that you added was cancelled so I am going to delete it.

Did you tape the Blondie gig you attended in 1977 or know of anyone who did?

Is it really too difficult to put the source on all CĂ©line Dion concerts instead of telling one may see the source on the June 1, concert?

If you know the correct Dagger you may change it
using the edit venue and date button

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