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We're not here to insult each other. and we don't have to tolerate this.
I see you succeeded in updating the Neil Frances setlist which someone who uses the same f word in his user name uploaded.
I'm wondering why you contacted me about this and not the uploader.

This is the wrong date. The show was on 10/1/22 at the tabernacle in Atlanta ga
I don’t know how to delete or change the date. You being a supermoderator I guess you do.

Well based on your first mail I couldn't find anything by searching Neil France...
Here's a tutorial on how to edit a setlist. Give us proof date and venue are wrong.

bq. Neil France was at the tabernacle in Atlanta ga on oct 1. Could you delete the Texas unknown venue or change the venue? Thanks

It would make life much easier to use a link to the setlist so one doesn't have to search for it.
Everybody can edit a setlist with a valuable source. Why don't you start learning? You've already edited 161 setlists.

"Band Introductions" is not the name of a song. Only actual songs are listed in the body of a setlist. Please use the @Info tag for such things. This is explained quite clearly in the Guidelines which should be read by all Users before making edits.