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Hey Brian, the Tokyo I remember was a GB band I think, not NI. Is it the same? Send any links you have. The band I followed around for a while was Falon who appeared in Metal Hammer magazine. Do you remember them? The guitarist was Gary Dempsey and he owned a rock clothing shop on Carlisle Rd in Derry. Bloke I knew from school called Andy Keeney (Keenan?) went on to play with Falon, pretty sure that's him in the first pic here: Good to hear from you, any gigs coming up? I've got Ricky Warwick and Dirty DC in the same week in March but suspect cancellations. Got a ticket for Clutch in July which will be 30 months old since original purchase if it goes ahead! Bizarre times. Cheers, Richard.

Hi Brian, looks like we have unknowingly been to a few gigs / festivals. I spotted your name as I posted the Mama's Boys gig at The Venue in Jan 1986. I notice you were at Dio and others around that time too and I was at both High Voltage fests too. Were you originally from Derry / North West? Do you know about the Belfast Concert photos of the 1980s Facebook page? Loads of NI gig pics on it. Cheers, Richard Moore.

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