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CLINSD, interesting about the Red Piano - I noticed that too. I had been to one Red Piano show, but he did not play Funeral for a Friend. Kind of like a hybrid show. At the Red Piano shows, Elton had a tremendous amount of interaction with the audience; something that did not happen at the Hard Rock show. If we are lucky, there will be some kind of explanation for the show delivered. I might feel better about it if there was a reasonable explanation for what happened. I was looking at my pictures and saw that Davey's tie was never on right and towards the middle of the show he took it off and his shirt was not on right. Like I have mentioned in previous comments, his playing was not right at all. I have to wonder if the problem surrounded the prep for the show. The whole thing was bizarre.

Hello there! I was wondering if you may have filmed the 1988 concert of Michael Jackson or know if anyone else did. If not, I get that, but there's no full footage of the concert on YouTube.

Jason Mraz came out at maybe a minute or two after 8pm. He spoke to the crowd a bit and then introduced "Raining Jane" who performed about 4 or 5 songs alone and then Jason Mraz came back out for the rest of the show. He played 2 sets with an approx 15-20 minute intermission. The show ended about 11pm. Enjoy.

Can you tell me what time Jason Mraz went on yesterday? Was there an opener? What time did the show end, approximately? Thanks

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