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Rock-Regeneration is a website that is all about Rock music and the various genres that surround it, anything from Folk, Punk, Metal to Blues, Ska and anything in-between. We are a team who are very passionate about music in general, between us going to hundreds of gigs a year and bringing back all the information that you, the reader, wants to hear about such as set lists, live videos, reactions, reviews, interviews and up to date news. We are all from the South of England and you can expect to find articles from all around the area, just depending on where the mood and the vibe takes us.

Ever read a music review in tabloids, or local press, and felt there was no passion in the review, or even that the reviewer attended?

We have.

Therefore, our aim is to become the heart of the vibrant live music scene providing a platform for all types of artists to show the world what they have to offer. If you are one such artist and you would like some exposure on Rock Regeneration, please feel free to get in touch and tell us about your gig or you latest release. If you are not an artist and you feel you have something to contribute please feel free to get in touch.


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