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Did you record the Las Vegas Steely Dan show that you attended? I am a major collector and I am looking for these shows. Happy to to trade

Hi by any chance do you have a recording of the Steely Dan 03 Dallas show? I am a major collector and have a large trade list.

Hi there! I've read that you attended some Blondie gigs. Did you tape them or know of anyone who did? Cheers
ACL Live at The Moody Theater, Austin, TX August 11, 2017
Houston Music Hall, Houston, TX July 30, 1978

Hey I see you were at Stephen Stills concert. me too. totally blew my mind. do you happen to know the names of Bob Dylan songs he sang?
Also, I remember him talking about a house in England he bought that was previously inhabited by other stars. one was Ringo, do you remember the others?

Hi, I'm collecting live audio recordings by The Police. If you are interested in trading rare live stuff, or if you know tapers who might have recorded The Police, please email me at :
Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers. Dr