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"so I suspect when you went in to edit "I've Got News For You" the system suggested changing "Heat it the Street" it to being a "Pat Travers cover" and you accepted the (inaccurate) change rather than "Revert" the change to the original."...this is correct, i wouldn't "revert" any systematic changes. i only actually changed the "I've Got News For You"

"I've Got News for You".. just to clarify, Roadies can NOT make bulk changes. there is a process to post it to the forum and a Moderator can determine if the change is accurate and they can make the bulk change..otherwise it's one at a time to make changes ;-)

Hi Clouseau63! It was an unintended mistake to replace Todd Rundgren's performances of Influenza with Influencia. I was trying to correct Charly García's cover of that song in Spanish with the correct title but I did not mean to replace Todd Rundgren's performances also. Thanks for pointing that out and fixing it.

The Liz Phair should probably be deleted since it was pre-recorded. Sorry i listed it. i assumed from the blurb that she would be playing live....I really don't think lip-synched performances are allowed, since they aren't live. it's different if she played live and then streamed it later, but from what you said, it sounds like all lipsynched.

I think it's more fair to let you or the people who watched the recent Liz Phair livestream make the decision to delete the setlist. I didn't watch it, so I can't honestly judge if it was a live set or pre-recorded. I will defer to you and the others on this.

Thanks for the info on the Liz Phair gig. I posted the gig beforehand, thinking it was going to be a live performance. I'm getting ready to delete the setlist. I wasn't able to watch as I had to work that night. i always appreciate any help with gigs.

Thanks for notifying me. Busy with reverting.

Hi there, yes, the capitalization changes were done due to setlist following Musicbrainz grammar/style guidelines:

Regarding Covers and Medleys, we'd only use a @Cover tag if all songs in the Medley are by the same artist. If it's a medley of songs from different artists, it's not included in the song name *nor* the @Cover tag. It could be included in an @Info tag if helpful.

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