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cheap trick, i see u like cheap trick r u going to forney oct 16, if so and dont have tix yet, i have 2 extra single tix (excellent seats) looking to get back cost of tix, sec 100 row B (2nd row) seat 5 my cost $98.68, sec 203 row A (8th row from stage) seat 20 (currently seat 19 is available from TM if u need 2 together) my cost $77.01

Hey! I saw that you also attended the Clapton show at the AAC in Feb. 2007. That was my first time seeing him (and first exposure to Derek Trucks), and I've recently been trying to round up as much audio/video from all the times I've see EC. This show is the one I have the least on by far, which is such a shame because it was an incredible tour. Do you have any video or audio from this show you'd be willing to share? If so, please email me at:


thanks for response, so this show was on the Outdoor Plaza Stage at Dallas Alley (outside courtyard btw Dallas Alley bldg and West End Marketplace bldg)

hi, trying to define exact locations for Dallas Alley / West End shows
was this show at outside courtyard btw Dallas Alley bldg and West End Marketplace bldg or at a club inside Dallas Alley bldg or on surrounded streets in West End Historic District as during Taste of Dallas or specialty shows, thanks

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