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Shows Unaccounted For
Keller Williams - 7/23/05 Big Summer Classic
Soullive - Afterhours
Mike Gordon/Ramble Dove 5/30/06 Paradise
Lotus - Harper's Ferry
Delta Spirit - Afterhours
Phix - Middle East 4/20/07 http://www.phixband.com/setlists.htm

Hi there. Yes, the Phish @Cover tag is the proper notation. This site uses the the studio album each song originally appears on. So if Trey performs a song with his own band but records it 2 years later with Phish, it gets listed as a Phish song. It's done that way for statistic reasons and really doesn't affect the setlist in any way. If I'm wrong about any song's origin then feel free to change it, but Gotta Jibboo, Sand and First Tube were all originally released on Farmhouse.

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