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where were u at ben kweller i didnt notice ur setup

thanks for letting me listen to sweet, i keep expecting to hear no you dont in the show somewhere, my memory is melting apparently

looked thru ur shows i see we did go to 10+ same shows, if i were in the same towns u were at the same time i might have potentially been at almost every show u attended listed here, u must have attended shows b4 2000 tho (just not listed?), it was my 1st monte show not sure why i waited so long,

monte seemed to know u, do u record just monte or most of ur shows, audio and video?
do u post them somewhere, i was at the fence to ur right in green shirt to start but walked around a lot

hi, r u the guy who was recording the show

hi, ur a monte montgomery fan, saw him last night at grandscape, missing 1 song (nothing but time) were lyrics i heard repeated, wondering if u know correct title, thanks

I missed the WeTransfer of the show. Would you mind sending again. PS - checkout Phil Keaggy - Amazing player

I stand corrected. I never knew it was based on a song with a slightly different name! You get the Rock and Roll Jeopardy award for the day!! Good catch.

Thanks for the Videos.

That last change you made to the TR concert is incorrect. He Played Don't Bogart that Joint by Little Feat.... Please undo the change. The other you made were spot on.

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