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Name Randolph "Randy" Perkins Meeks

Born September 23, 1981; male; I like old country, classic rock, '90s alternative, rap/hip-hop in paced doses, indie rock that isn't self-absorbed, blues that doesn't have a nine minute guitar solo, R&B here and there, and popular funk.


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Strange, sorry. I sent you an e-mail, just reply to that one then.

Yes sure, just send me an e-mail (michi at setlist dot fm)

Just wondering where you got the setlist information from for UK Pink Floyd experience at Billingham UK may 2022.

Hey Randy,
Thanks for cleaning up my Buffett set list from 10/1/96 at Fiddlers. Long time ago, foggy memory, thank the concert gods for stage set lists and to you for what you do!

Sure, I'll explain. We have 1878 Phish concerts listed on the website. Not one of them uses the intermission that you put in that show. That wasn't a correction. Actually there a LOT of bands on the site that have more than set... all of them use @Set. For you to not notice that I can only assume you haven't been here in a very long time. Please take a look at the guidelines (there a link at the bottom of the page) to see how multiple sets are handled.

Sounds like a plan. I don't think there's an easy way to undo a bulk edit, so it'll have to be done show by show. But i don't think it will be that bad. At least we only have to look at shows that Bonfire was played at. I almost started doing it last night, but figured i'd wait until i heard back from you.

Hey Randy,
It definitely was done due to Jazzlobber asking for the change. I feel like there was more mentioned about making that particular change somewhere, maybe on one of the show pages themselves? But I can't remember the specifics and may be mixing that up in my head with another change. Seeing as Jazzlobber is a Roadie who's change requests I've generally come to trust, I obviously went ahead and made the change. If you feel it's wrong, then I apologize and we can work to change it back where needed. I don't have a problem with that. You may want to discuss with Jazzlobber why he wanted that changed as well.

Hi NowhereNobody-- Long time, no gripe. Thanks for pointing out these minor errors. Sorry if this seems rushed, I'm working 50+ hour weeks right now, but I'm happy to take a quick moment to amuse you.

<<the big screen that it says: "Jimmy Buffett Workin' n' Playin' Tour '15". It does not say "Jimmy Buffett Workin' 'n Playin'", so I think the tour name changes are not legitimate.>>

Your original edits say "Workin' 'n Playin' Tour", while my changes simply removed "Tour", but your argument is that my edit isn't legit because it should say "Jimmy Buffett Workin' n' Playin' Tour '15". If that's so, why didn't you put it there in the first place?

<<IMO, this is just another case of Consistency throwing Accuracy out the window.>>

That might be your opinion, but the fact of the matter is you aren't taking your own advice. Both the song and @Tape tag had instances of both "Workin' N' Playin'" and "Workin' and Playin'". If you want to avoid collaboration, I suggest you avoid inaccuracies of your own.

In the meantime, I have changed the tour to "Workin' n' Playin'" and the song to "Workin' N' Playin'". Hopefully this will settle you down.

NowhereNobody, it's always fun. Maybe next tour I'll make a good faith change to cause you another tantrum. Until then… fins up!

Regarding the recent changes you have made to the Jimmy Buffett setlists:

First, if one went to a Jimmy Buffett show this year or watched him on (like me), one would see on the big screen that it says: "Jimmy Buffett Workin' n' Playin' Tour '15". It does not say "Jimmy Buffett Workin' 'n Playin'", so I think the tour name changes are not legitimate.

Notice where the single quotes are. The video file links are readily available at, and I have a screen shot I could upload, there does not seem to be the ability to upload here.

Second, the song that was written for the 2015 tour was released on ITunes sometime around the last American show in August and it is titled "Workin' 'N' Playin' "See this page: . Also, note the capitalization and single quotes.

The people can call this Buffett tour and tour song whatever they want, but nowhere is the song or tour ever called "Jimmy Buffett Workin' 'n Playin'".

IMO, this is just another case of Consistency throwing Accuracy out the window.

I added a set list I picked up in the green room after Lou Reed in Passaic, NJ. Nov 6, 1976. It's very similar to the one you posted from a few days prior in Boston.
Apparently you were born 5 years later.

Hey man,

I don't see any way of confirming it unless a bootleg surfaces, doesn't look like it so far. I doubt it was played, someone got it wrong. People even get songs off MR wrong!

I have this show recorded on Minidisc. Thanks for the setlist :) If you want a copy, contact me.

A while back, someone deleted the festival page for "Zaire 74" that I created; I'm not sure who it was, so I decided to mass send this message to every moderator. It's not a fake festival, and in fact has an article on Wikipedia, which is where I got the information from. I'd appreciate if it was not deleted a second time.

I don't think it'd matter if you changed alot of the new BOH songs to @Unknowns. I don't know if some people who are protective of "their" setlists would object though!

I can't remember exactly about the BOH setlist(s) but they put a few of them up on their blog.

Check your e-mails mate


About becoming a moderator, you would have to talk to one of the Administrators. They're in charge of picking the moderators. Actually I'm not even sure what their criteria is for determining who becomes a moderator. You can find a list of the Admins on the FAQ page:

In the mean time, if you find any problems that you don't want to take the time to fix one-by-one, feel free to notify one of the moderators and we can handle it. I went ahead and fixed the Tom Waits statistics.

Hey, Geeky,
Thanks for the songlist for Buffett at Kings Dominion - what a trip down (lost) memory lane.
Just a quick note on "The lawyer and the a$$hole". The link is for another song that is usually incorrectly attributed to Buffett. The A$$hole song is (I believe) done by David Allen Coe. Anyway, I have the lyrics to the Buffett song as well as the storyline behind it if you are interested.