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Re: Duran Duran SD Sports Arena in 1984. Yes, the date was rescheduled. They played Monday and Tuesday. I went to Monday and wished later that I had gone to the rescheduled date instead since it was the last night, which you got to see.

Hi there,

I see that you attended Tina Turner’s concert in Los Angeles in September 1993. Did you or anyone you know make a recording of the concert?? If so, could you please email me at I’d love to get a copy off of you if you’d permit it. :)

Hi, sorry for bothering you. I noticed you saw Queen in Inglewood on their US 1982 Tour, and we currently haven’t got a recording from that show. Did you or anyone you know happen to record or take pictures of that gig? Thanks in advance!

Hi do you have any audio of belinda’s shows to share? I have over 200 shows to trade

Hello by any chance do you have a recording of the Bangles Santa Monica 1989 show? I have tons to trade

That sounds incredible and thank you for the reply!

Hi there! Did you by any chance film either 1989 Michael Jackson concerts? If not, that's no worries!

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