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Phish 126 times? You're a fucking legend!!!!!!!!

You're awesome for getting back to me, I appreciate it! The show is tomorrow night so I'll find out soon enough. Man don't be talking about BoyzIIMen like that, you know you still play their cassette tape on the weekends. Seriously though thank you!

Sweet! That's cool of you. I've literally been waiting to be able to catch him since 2005.
Well known ones if you're a fan:

So Sweet

Well, back then when the heartbreak came
Yeah, it hit me pretty hard
I waved hello and goodbye
To the ghosts on the boulevard

Well oh, oh my baby
You're so sweet, it makes me cry

The Acrobat, it's really quiet, just his guitar

Oh, the child is an acrobat
And he walks upon the wire
Knowing well that he might fall
Still, he climbs up higher

And if he should slip
He will surely die
And his body will break, and his soul will fly
Into the night, where the spirits scream
He will leave this world, and become a dream

My random fave: it's very mellow, I apologize if the lyrics offend you.

Lady Memphis
Actually I can't, I don't know if it's against the rules. If you want I'd just listen to it. Sorry for blowing up your comment area. Obviously you love music too so I appreciate it!

Totally jealous you saw NIN & Boyz II Men

Hi, I don't know if you're a Johnathan Rice fan or if you were there for the Felice Brothers but do you by any chance remember if he played his old stuff or any of it really? Quite surprised he's even touring really. Thanks for any help. Be well