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Thanks for your reply. Actually, I had read the article on Wikipedia Japanese edtion and found two issues as follows.
After having your reply with these issues, I will amend all setlists.
1) 21 Jan. 1971 show
As you were notified from when you added this show, the venue was not Nakano Sunplaza as stated on Wikipedia.
Because Nakano Sunplaza was opened in 1973. Could you provide me with any data of correct venue? If not, it should be "Unknown venue, Tokyo, Japan".
2) 1974 show
Wikipedia indicates the venue as "Tokyo Koseinenkin Kaikan" without date.
Could you provide me any source with your date "10 May"?
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

For Jose Feliciano concerts,
list is reported on Wikipedia japanese page. I also have some concert tour reference of these

I would be helpful of you to specify the venues, if you show me the sources of these shows. I am a native Japanese living over 40 years in Tokyo area.

Thank You to you about my correction on Jose Feliciano song "Que Serà", in fact this is a differents song (and a his 1971 big hit in EU and south America) respect the similar "Que Sera sera" from D.Day who was never played by Jose.

Thank you for correcting Jose Feliciano's Que sera, as the Doris Day was used (and that was incorrect).

For your other corrections, please take a look at the guidelines for the capitalisation rules.

But last but not least, good to have someone to take care about this great artist. Thank you !

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