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I love concerts!
Ich liebe Konzerte!
J'adore les concerts!


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Bonjour! Je me suis demandé si vous avez filmé quelque chose (n'importe quoi, comme un photo, l'audio, ou une vidéo) pendant le concert de Mariah Carey, au Kolnarena en 2000? Merci beaucoup! Bon journée!

Hey there! Did you happen to film or know of anyone who filmed any of those Michael Jackson concerts you went to? If not, no worries, but most of them are not leaked in full footage on YouTube such as Hockenheim, Amsterdam, and Bremen.

OK, I found evidence that you were correct. Badge edited all the wrongly named tour.

I could change it but find it strange that over 100 other setlists from that year were already part of the Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles tour

I'm afraid I don't understand your reasoning.
You speak about a 2014 Vegas tour. In 2014 Suzanne Vega didn't perform in Las Vegas. You edited a German show with that tour name.
The only thing I can find is that the song I Never Wear White is a song on the 2014 release Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles.


Can you give me a reason why you put this setlist as part of Never Wear White tour (which BTW was the only setlist assigned as such?

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