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Hey man, would really love to get a copy of that BSS recording from Toad's Place!

hey man, as the biggest pavement fan on the planet i think i'm entitled to a copy of your recording. i meant to talk to tapers last night but got caught up in it all. such an amazing show. so what do i have to do to get a copy?.... no one needs to know

Keep me posted about the Pavement recording, I am dying to hear it! Could you at least send me one song, pwetty pwease?!?!

Ahhhh, thanks for clarifying that! I was a bit confused naturally. And sorry to have messed up your list, quite the crazy set there! lol :)

Hi, I fixed your set list for the Herman's Hermits show at the Wolf Den. It was a bit off! :)

I found you. Because I'm a creeper.