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Thanks for your response. That is a very valid point but our general consensus is that the band is significantly different than the original/second ELO. It does look kind of silly having all the songs listed as covers but we went through the same thing with solo Tom Petty, the Alan Parsons Project and others. One other lesser reason for doing this is that if we decide later that they should be ELO it will be very easy to change them back en masse with a batch edit. Feel free to make any suggestions or comments on this subject on any Moderator's page or in the appropriate forum. It is better to do that before making a bunch of edits that end up getting reverted.

If you disagree with this please post on my page why you think so. This decision is not set in stone yet.

Please stop changing the Jeff Lynne's ELO setlists back to ELO. Jeff Lynne was an original member of the band and if that is the name that he chooses to use that is sufficient.

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