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That's great that you could dig up that timeline. That would make the Convention Hall and Golden Hall the same venue. I have a sneaking suspicion that many, if not most of the Community Concourse shows were at Convention Hall. The earliest ones that I have checked in The Daily Aztec (Trini Lopez etc) were, but I am not ready to merge all of them into Convention Hall. Thanks for your help and any other thoughts about these and other SD venues would be welcome.

Do you know if the Golden Hall was opened in 1974 or if it was a name change of an existing venue? The Wiki article doesn't seem to be very well researched, says it opened in 1964.

The Doug Hinman Kinks book refers to the venue as "Golden Hall, Convention & Performing Arts Center" so maybe that CPAC was used as a venue name too and causes even more confusion for 70s, 80s and 90s shows using "Convention Center" as a name. These Community Concourse/Convention Hall/Center venues have been a mess forever. It seems like you know much more about them so any help here is certainly appreciated. The major SD newspapers are behind a paywall which makes it hard for researching them.

I don't really have time right now to try to sort out the PF song issue. Unreleased songs are always contentious and I know there has been a lot of discussion and disagreement about these. Feel free to open up a discussion about hem in the Forum.

Did you tape the Blondie gig you attended in 1977 or know of anyone who did?

Somebody created a second Ringo show on the day you attended
could you confirm the venue for either one of them?

Hi Mike,

I have sent you an email.


If you email me at: I can send scans of the stubs from all the Genesis shows I attended in San Diego. I also have a back stage pass for the San Diego Lamb show. Mike Cariola


I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Genesis In San Diego.
Did you keep your ticket?

Thank you!

I am aware of the Koln (Cologne) and Wein (Vienna). I do use the English version on this web site. Grobschnitt plays a lot of smaller cities like Troisdorf. I checked the spelling on Wikipedia and found the city houses 5,000 people. Not very large for most bands. Thanks for the advise.

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