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hey man do you remember what time tycho went on at sydney opera house?

Nope it was for Friday night because I did it right after on the train home and the set list was also from Friday.

Hey dude, nah the setlist I wrote out is correct, I also got the setlist at the end of the night which shows those songs in that exact order. I went to both Friday and Saturday shows and as you pointed out the only difference was that Sister was shifted to 3rd last.

Hi there, just wondering whether you can remember any more songs from this concert - Zebra, Funky Tonight...? Thanks!

Hi there,
I see you're pretty active on the website, I look after a lot of Australian content here, and it's great to see other Australian users around :)
There's a discussion going on about how to handle Australian venues, and I'd really appreciate just a minute of your time for you to share your opinion. Here's the link:
Many thanks,

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