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hello from railrat - a fellow set lister - i wanted to comment on how blown away i was to sift through the concerts you have attended - highly impressive list of amazing artists - even brian eno - wow backwards - highest praise

Hey there! I found out where “Do You Want to Dance” comes from but I’m asking about Petty’s 1989-07-23 show. Do you happen to have the rare bootleg of it? Or were you just there and know the set? What a set that must have been my gosh!

Hi there! How did you get this set list? Are you for sure it's correct?
This is one of the rarest TPHB shows to have ever been bootlegged--though I know it has, I haven't been able to locate it.
I have audio from some of the covers they played during this show, and my versions of "Dixie" and "Do You Want to Dance" sounds like they were recorded at the same show as
"I'm Not Talkin'" and "Put a Little Love in Your Heart," but I'm not sure. Thanks!

It was me who changed some of those titles to obscure covers, I'll see if I can find some Posies songs with those lyrics.

Do you remember if the 'obscure covers' still listed at https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-posies/1995/slims-san-francisco-ca-7be3ba58.html were definitely covers or Posies songs with those words in it?
Sure is a long time ago, so you might not remember after all.

Looks like I figured out the Jellyfish song in question. In the middle of their song "Hello" which usually followed "Hold Your Head Up" in setlists of this era, has the lyric "harmony" repeated a few times, you can hear it hear at 1:23,
Let me know if this seem right and Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the clarification. Had been posting the old Jellyfish gigs and hadn't encountered that song. Happy holidays!

Saw you had the good fortune to catch Jellyfish at the Crest. Wondering if the tune "Harmony" was cover of the Elton John song?

Hi, I've unlocked the Bridge School Tom Petty concert, so you're now able to edit it. Thanks for your help!

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