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Hi Josh13. I read your entry for John Miles in 1993 & wonder whether you had any information about any gigs he did in Germany in 1994. Also can you confirm if John was also on stage with Tina & Joe Cocker at the 1993 Rock over Germany gig? Thanks

Hi Josh13, sorry to bother, but I'm wondering if you took any videos of the Weezer concert on July 11th, 2023 at Stage AE? Trying to put together a multi-camera edit of the full show, but very few videos exist on YouTube. Thanks in advance!

Thank you for liking my Meg Myers videos on IG and referencing them on the Omaha setlist :)

Hi there, thanks for your efforts of edit on
By the way, please refer MusicBrainz etc. before you edit song titles on
It is not appropriate to refer as a source of your edit for song titles.
Because song titles on are not necessarily correct.
That is why we work on correcting them.
In this case, you edited correct title to wrong one, based on wrong data in at the time of editing. That is why I reverted it.
Correct title:

Thank you very much for updating my setlist of Gabriel & Dresden to reflect the new Setlist formatting, please feel free to apply the new formatting to any of my other setlists!

Hi there,
I noticed you wrote some statement on this setlist to bypass the mandatory edit comment feature. is a wiki-effort, and it is important for us all to be as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. To ensure that edits are verified for other users, and to avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time in the future, edit comments have been made mandatory for all users.
Please ensure that you share informative comment with future edits, so that everybody understands where you received the information you're contributing.

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