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You're correct about Some Other Guy. What I was trying to do was make it so that I could create a new version of Some Other Guy that links to it being on the Beauty And Sadness EP from 1983 because that was the original Smithereens release of the song. The version you have, though it says was written by Pat, also says it was from B-Sides The Beatles album, which is in fact the OTHER version by Richard Barrett wrote that was covered by The Beatles. (The Smithereens HAVE recorded both versions of that song - but since all of the plays on Setlist are from ‘86 and ‘87, it’s likely they were all the original Smithereens version and not the cover that the Beatles recorded since the Smithereens didn’t record that version until 2008.) Since you replaced your version, I have since gone into that song listing and requested that they change the original album to the Beauty & Sadness EP. Once that is done, I’ll swap the other ‘86 and ‘87 plays to your version. Thanks…

I hear there's a Beat Farmer addiction recovery program at Slackwater next week. Stay tuned