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Why should I do your work? We need to do the same effort to search for the venues. I try to limit the Belgian Unknown Venues myself, but the rest is up to others.

I know you can do better than list all those Minneapolis Uranium clubs at Unknown Venues

Please give us a source proving these three songs are Somewhere With DEVO. Your source is just a statement. or all with be reverted.

You're right. I found another one and it was created by a different User who didn't provide a source. You just added the tour name and probably the same with the others one. My mistake, sorry about that. Thanks for responding so quickly.

I have deleted the VU setlists that you added because the never happened. They were in the USA at that time. I don't know what source you used because you did not give one but its wrong.

It's also very important to know what SHOULD NOT be used as a tour name:

The name of another band. E.g. "Supporting...", "Opening for...", "Support to...", etc. All bands that played on a given night are already listed on the page under "Related Concert Setlists".
Festivals. E.g. "Bonnaroo 2004", "Glastonbury 2010", etc. Festivals are one-time events and shouldn't be listed as a tour.
Other one-time events. E.g. "In-Store Acoustic Gig", "Comic Con 2008", etc.. These would be better as @Info at the bottom of the setlist.
Year only. E.g. "1997 Tour". This doesn't add any value ‐ setlists can already be filtered by year.


Please give us a source as to why you created all these early David Bowie setlists without any source. Moderators reserve the right to delete any questionable setlists.
Since a couple of months it's written specifically under the comment box to "Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons."

I have great pictures of Petty, The Stones, Hagar, Alice Cooper, Devo, AC/DC, Queen, and many many more classic rock bands.

I have some great photos of this concert.

yes, they played two shows that night. I was at the first one. I believe they were 8p and 10p shows.

Thank you for adding the source and responding so quickly to my request. It would be extremely helpful if you would do that regularly especially for older concerts. Some other Moderator may go through a nd see newly added Bowie concerts with no source and delete them. I know that we are missing many of his earlier shows from 1964-1968 that can be found on the internet but haven't had the time to post them so I am glad to see someone posting them.

How do you know that Devo played two shows on Dec 19, 1981? Do you have a link? Thanks!

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