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Hi, in Pain of Salvation setlist I joined "Falling" and "The Perfect Element" because of right youtube playing... Now when you want to play "The Perfect Element" then the whole album The Perfect Element, Part I is playing.

2 years ago I don't know this website, but I posted the setlist on my facebook profile. I am sure, but not 100 %. So I let it how you posted it. My song order is for everyone viewable in the history and if a 3rd person knows it better, the he can change it.

Why you reverted my changes? I was at this show and wrote down every song in the correct order.

Are you sure, that they played Up to The Limit and Pandemic? And Fast as a Shark was in reguler set, not in encore, by my memory.

Oooh, right, didn't get the reference haha.
And well yeah, you're right, it's surely not the best solution, but maybe they'll update it by themselves, now that you fixed the title on all the setlists.

No offense dude, chill down haha
As I said, I did that just so would show the song as belonging to the last album, and not show it as "Others" :)

FU! ;(

Co do setu Made of Hate. Chodzi o "Bullet In Your Head" cover RATM?

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