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Hi there! I see you attended a Queen concert in 1980 and 1982, and was wondering if you or someone you know happened to tape either of these shows. If you did, I would love to know, thanks!

Hi there it appears you attended the Midnight Oil gig at the Moore Theatre in Seattle on 03/12/1988. I have evidence these gigs were postponed to April/May. Could it have been a rescheduled gig you attended?

Hello sir do you have any MODEST MOUSE Bootlegs??

Hi there,

I see you attended Cher’s Seattle concert in August 1999. Did you or anyone you know make recordings of that concert?? If so, could you please email me at I’d love to get a copy if you’d permit it. :)

Strangely noticed we both attended Moore Theater NIN in 1994 and Dandy Warhols Showbox Sodo 2008. Interesting differences between the two, but they are pinned together by the wonderful David Bowie in a way.

Well met, stranger in the crowd! Keep on rocking.

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