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Sounds good to me. That can save a lot of wasted effort.

I am in agreement with you too as is livemusicfan. He is a regular contributor to this site and I value his opinion as I do yours. Most of the other Moderators are on vacation so I am going to say go ahead and make this a Grateful Dead song. It clearly is. I just wish it had a different name.

Thanks for the response. It will probably take a couple days to come to a decision. I am no expert in deciding cover song assignations but the more info you provide the better.

Please hold off on reverting Stagger Lee. There needs to be a discussion among the Moderators as to whether this should be a Grateful Dead original or not. It might not be an easy call so if you have any thoughts on this subject please post them on my page and I will transfer them to the Moderator Forum.

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