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Hi! Did you happen to film the Michael Jackson concert from 1988 or possibly know anyone who did. If not, no worries, but there is no full footage of this concert on YouTube.

Hello Martin I noticed u were at Glastonbury 1984 Ian dury and the music students was wondering if u or if u know anyone with a recording of the show as I had it on cassette years ago but lost it, no worries if not just thought I’d ask, many thanks

Cheers Martin, I've updated setlist from my notes. Any help with song 3? I haven't been able to trace it (wish I'd noted more lyrics for it now!).

You could be right @junkyard_h. My memory was from after the show. will remove

Hi Martin, I have some updates for the RLJ Barbican setlist from notes made during concert. How sure are you about "A Lucky Guy"? I don't have it in my notes, but I could have lost focus on the night! Thanks, Helen

Didn't Rickie Lee Jones do "Cry me a river" last night at the Barbican?