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Haha... Like I said before, you're going to have to be a lot quicker if you want to beat me.

Not gonna happen :P You're going to Sum 41 though, hey? The tickets for that show sold incredibly fast! Had to buy my ticket so far in advance to make sure I had one. I'm mostly going for Senses Fail though.

Yeah, I just saw ConcertWorks post that announcement! That should be a great show, for sure. Just a few days after Sum 41 actually. You're dreaming though if you think you're going to get that setlist in before me :p

Ah unfortunately I doubt anyone tracked them. It's already rare and surprising enough that there's a 2nd person recording sets in Edmonton, so there's no way I'd expect a set to come out for a local opener unless someone uploaded a video of their set to Youtube. Oh well, I guess

Fight me! Haha.. I'm too quick at this, I've updated waaaay too many Edmonton setlists. Although, if you have Norell's set, you should totally upload that. I thought the show was starting at 8pm so I missed their set

Hah! I didn't know I had any competition here in Edmonton! Updating this setlist is obviously of utmost priority and I just had to do it before bed, so you gotta be on the ball to beat me next time : )

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