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Thanks for the info on the Ozark Mountain Music Fest. Wish I could have been there. Great lineup. One correction I noticed. On Jan 31, 2001 you mentioned that Lynyrd Skynyrd with all original members (and then you listed Steve Gaines who wasn’t an original member and didn’t join until 2 years later. That would have been original member Ed King. Not to be nit picky…..just an observation. Best regards!


Thanks for the info. I added all the missing artists from the list you provided in case you wanted to mark yourself "there" for anyone else you may have watched.


If you have a good source for the Ozark Music Festival, feel free to leave it on my profile page and I can add the other bands. The site I referenced was focused on Furay specifically and I don't live in Missouri so I don't know which bands appeared.

Another concert you have no history in St.Paul, MN. King Crimson at St.Paul Auditorium Theater The Tour was" In The Court of The Crimson King," Robert Fripp and GregLake(Before Emerson,Lake andPalmer).They did the title tune and "21st Century Schizoid Man." The year was 1969.