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Thanks for letting me know. He's a known troll and already on our watchlist.

Thanks for your persistence despite the troll/s constantly reverting your set list which is as authentic as it gets. I was there as well and loved the show \o/

Rehearsal/ soundcheck setlists are allowed if they have an audience that can hear and see the perfromer (can be a small audince). Paul McCartney sells tickets to his soundchecks, many bands have 10-25 fans attend their soundcheck at an arena with tickets given away by radio stations or fan clubs.
But if in the parking lot and hearing the soundcheck inside the stadium, that doesn't get a setlist (songs soundchecked can be added in the comments.) Or hearing the soundcheck in the hallway outside the arena interior doesn't get a setlist.
I would add that Barry Manilow one. Add an info note at bottom of the setlist:
Rehearsal and soundcheck for We Love NYC - The Homecoming Concert. Attended by small group of Barry Manilow fans.
Put the YT video as the source (and if you attended note that too).

Hi, regarding the Egg show. I lived in London at used to go to gigs all over the city after work or at weekends on a whim , sometimes a bus or tube but often walking too, think I went with a mate who was a big fan of bands like Gong and so on. Pretty sure it was a bit complex for my brain at the time what with odd time signatures and so on. Now of course much older and wiser I get it