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Please don't change notes about workshops as it would mean nothing without noting it was a workshop and the time of day as festival performers often played more than one show n a given day.

Please stop creating venues like the "University of Santa Clara Auditorium". There is more than one auditorium at the University of Santa Clara. Unless you have a specific name for the venue, like Lewis B. Mayer Theatre, it is better to post a Comment such as "Venue given as..." along with the link. Or "show held in the coffee house". All it does is create confusion and venues that aren't actually called the name you have given them.

The dates are not listed in those links you gave. As a matter of fact the link given for the 1964 show lists 1965 in the YouTube link. Why would we think that's the same show?

Right, post that link on the setlist if you're going to change it. Not on my profile.

I don't know. Maybe another Moderator got tired of you not providing sources and making incorrect edits and revoked your editing privileges for a while. Either that or there is some problem with your browser and/or computer interface with thi website. You should be able to edit.

Thanks for getting back to me. You should have manually entered the artist name that you thought was correct and not leave an incorrect cover assignment. You could also report it to the "Problems With Songs" forum. I didn't notice that Rising of the Moon had been changed too. I have read conflicting stories of the history of the song but your source seems valid so feel free to change it. Providing sources for your edits would prevent these problems.

that's not correct.
Please read:
Exception 1
If a songwriter writes a song for another artist or group which they were not a part of, and never records their own version of the song, then the song should be credited to the artist who released it first.

You need to start providing sources for your edits. Who the hell is this Anna J that you credit "Roddy McSorley" to? Please reply on my page.
Ireland is a big country of course, maybe with more than one Racket Hall.
If you're not sure in what city, you should rename this as Unknown Venue in Unknown City in Ireland.

Please use exact location or venue for Festival TV Program following the guidelines at

Thanks for responding. It doesn't matter who popularized a song. The point of the @Cover tag is to connect every version of a song together in the statistics. We shouldn't be attributing the same song to more than one person, particularly if they didn't actually write the song. Also, if you are adding shows that you didn't attend you should include a source link in the comment section. Try your shows again and I'll take care of el reyo.

Hello. Please stop removing the "traditional" cover tag. If they didn't write the song, then they don't get credit. Here's the guidelines: