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Ireland is a big country of course, maybe with more than one Racket Hall.
If you're not sure in what city, you should rename this as Unknown Venue in Unknown City in Ireland.

Please use exact location or venue for Festival TV Program following the guidelines at

Thanks for responding. It doesn't matter who popularized a song. The point of the @Cover tag is to connect every version of a song together in the statistics. We shouldn't be attributing the same song to more than one person, particularly if they didn't actually write the song. Also, if you are adding shows that you didn't attend you should include a source link in the comment section. Try your shows again and I'll take care of el reyo.

Again. Here's the guidelines for cover songs. Please read them.

Hello. Please stop removing the "traditional" cover tag. If they didn't write the song, then they don't get credit. Here's the guidelines: