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Hi pal. Just so you know, those aren't *your* setlists. No setlist belongs to you. I've put them all back the way I had them with Ozzfest listed as a festival... and locked them. See where name-calling gets you. If all you're going to do is make incorrect edits then we don't need you making edits.

Hi, do you have stub from KoRn's show from 30 nov 2002?
can you send me photo or scan for my website? at

Hey, I saw that you went to System of a Down concerts between 1998~2002, that's awesome! Do you still have any stuff of them from these times? Like photos, videos, tickets/flyers, etc. If yes, reply me via e-mail please:


Hey, where could I ask you a few question about a show you attended to?

Do you have any info from the Rammstein show you attended back on September 30, 1998 at the The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI? Audio, video, photos, lyrics, special stunts, anything at all?

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