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Thank you for the Information, Barry Hay from Golden Earring did not Play in Zurich at Rock Meets Classic. I accidentally 'Attended'. I have since corrected. This Event was added by someone else and not by me. I was however there (Press) and have the official set list.

Do you happen to know if Ultravision in Mindelheim and U2 in Bad Worishofen are actually the same venue ?

On some tour posters/shirts like this one (https://scontent.fbru1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/50408651_2305680496109892_2916630626205433856_n.jpg?_nc_cat=109&_nc_ht=scontent.fbru1-1.fna&oh=0b18afbd5474f3f20e9de8a43a522350&oe=5D24CDD7), both venues seem to be listed, and I found out that both cities were only 13 minutes apart...

To be honest, I haven't the foggiest idea. It was too long ago.
I have zero recollection of the support act.
I'll take my attendance for Kingdom Come off.

Thanks for the link to the "Beat Beat Beat" show page!! That had some really good information on it. I corrected that Monk's set. I always appreciate the help that give me on German venues!! More later :)

Possibly it doesn't work, I don't know.
When I create a new venue, I always look first for the location, then use the add venue in location button. The only time I use the create new venue is when there's no venue existing in the location.
This way one avoids creating new venues in e.g. existing cities (when I still was a user I noticed someone had created a couple of venues in Brugge which is the Flemish name for Bruges). Setlist uses the English names, not everybody knows, but there's aliases for cities. I discovered the Dutch city Vlissingen is known here as Flushing.

I could create the Messehalle 4 in Frankfurt (Oder)
You should probably go to a venue page in Frankfurt (Oder) and then click Add Frankfurt (Oder) Venue.

There's two Frankfurt in Germany for setlist.fm Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg and Frankfurt, Hesse,
There must be some errors because the Messehalle (without number) and Messehalle 4 are linked to Frankfurt, Hesse while the 1, 2 and 3 and linked to Frankfurt Oder. Both also have a Messegelände (the one with MUV is linked to Frankfurt Oder.
Could you tell what venues should be merged to the other Frankfurt?
There seem to be five Frankenthal also, in Bavaria, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Rhineland-Palatinate and in Saxony. On Wikipedia there seems to be only one in Rhineland-Palatinate. Can you confirm?

Yes I had to, don't know if it's possible to revert in one batch. Once they were reverted to Backstage (Club) I could edit them in one batch to Backstage Club.

Reverted about 60 Backstage Munich which were done in 2015 by a collaegue mod. Probably at that time the guidelines were different (seen more exemples like this in the past)

OK have deleted end date.
Done this to some Dutch and Belgian halls, so people have to choose. Asked with the help of others to assign setlists to correct halls for those already listed.
Maybe you could contact attendees to see if they remember? Something in the style of
I see you attended a concert at Backstage Munich. Because these need to be split up in the real halls xxx, yyy, zzz... could you adapt this one if you remember?

I put also an end date for the generic Backstage in Munich, so people will have to choose the correct hall inside Backstage when adding new setlists now.

Maybe it got overlooked, done now.

To request a venue to be merged, please navigate to the venue page and click "Report a problem: Duplicate venue". Any festivals assigned to the old venue should be automatically updated with the new venue. I personally try not to get involved with venues outside the USA, because I do not understand the local geography, language, or culture. Hopefully a moderator familiar with Germany can handle it. Thank you!

Hi again,
I checked my magazines but no informations about Shockvaves Festival 1985 in Genk. So, I read your websources and you have right and I was wrong. So, I will modify bands in a few minutes.
Many thanks

Hello Oddi,
I don't remember where I found the informations 13 months ago about Shockwave Festival 1985. It's probably on a paper magazine, not in internet.
It's curious that your informations found in internet are totally different with mine.
When I enter a setlist, I'm sure with my informations, so I don't know what happened.
So, I will try to find more informations later in my paper magazines.

I am only on my phone at the moment. As a Roadie, would you mind please adding the address and aliases to the correct venue, and then I will perform the merge?


Is the correct name Akku or Juze?

Hi. The local arena in my area has just changed it's name from "ASB Arena, Mt. Maunganui" to "Trustpower Arena, Mt. Maunganui". How do I alter it on Setlist.fm to make it correct??? Do older setlists change to the newer name too, or stay as they are?

Hi! For setlists that you report for deletion, please write in English. Not all moderators speak German. Thanks!

Whatcha Gonna Do About It is played twice on the youtube clip. I completely missed that link on the setlist. Duh.

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