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Hi there! Did you possibly film at all while at the 1988 Michael Jackson concert? If not, that is no worries!

Hi PLyons09
I have seen Cover and Inlay of this Joe Jackson Concert on the net. Do you know, if there is a recording of it?
Angelo Bordone

Hi there Pieniek63...thank you for your comment. I still have my ticket from that concert, yet its located on the other side of the country. I'm afraid I wont be able to access it until December. I believe you are correct about the three-night stand at the Beacon (as opposed to 4 nights)...yet I will have to check...

Are you sure he played 4 shows in NYC in a row?
According to he played on 22, 23, 24. Do you have any ticket proving that the show took also place on 21?

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