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I apologise, you are correct.
I remembered hearing 'Never Know Why' at the concert because it went down so well with the audience. I didn't notice that it was already listed earlier in the set.
I also forgot there was an inferior song called 'Never' on the same album, which I have no recollection of being performed at the show.

Can I question why you have altered the set list for Thin Lizzy 207 at Leicester Demontfort Hall. You have altered the Support band to Diamond Head when it was Queensryche. I even have it printed on my Ticket. Were you at the concert even ??

My name is Bernice Anaya, I was there working at the fair, on that day I ended up getting stuck up on the rooftop of the food concession stand. That day the news crew came by our food stand and seen me dancing on the rooftop dancing to the Beach Boys. I was stuck for hours, I was mad at my co-workers for leaving me stuck up there, but when I heard the Beach Boys music it put me in a better mood. When they started showing the news clips before the concert started, my boss, his wife, and some co-workers were in the stand ready to watch the concert. They showed me on the news interview clipping of I was stuck on the rooftop and could they tell my boss I was up there. At first I felt embarrassed but when I seen my boss, his wife and co-workers get humiliated, I felt a whole lot better. I did get a great view seeing The Beach Boys in concert, but the bad part was I was asked to go back stage to meet them, but I was a few minutes late. It was so crowded and by the time I got down my boss tried to stop me from going to meet them. And of course I did, I was mad and upset but at the same time I was glad that I got to be on the news dancing and listening to The Beach Boys. But I will never forget that day, I also said my condolences to the family of the horse jockey that had died a few weeks before the Beach Boys were going to play. It a sad, good and funny memory I will never forget!

Please put those EC songs on the Problems with Songs Forum page. Batch edits are hard to do on my phone and I won't be on the laptop anytime soon.

For Paradiso
read the info file above

Please use the exact venue either
Paradiso Grote Zaal (big hall) capacity 1500
Paradiso Kleine Zaal (small hall) capacity 250
Paradiso Kelder (basement)
or else
Paradiso Noord which is on the other side of the river.
For help with finding the exact venue for older concerts there's an archive available at https://www.paradiso.nl/nl/over/archief/43602/
or check https://www.podiuminfo.nl/zoek/?q=

Oh and queenfan youre a bit of a doosher.

That's a good idea to put the page number.

I understand the problem with this particular book preview. I have used it as a source many times and it is very accurate. I have sourced it both ways. My only problem with some of your requests for deletions is that they are of my edits and I would like to think that I was correct if I cite the same source. Of course it seems that if you ask to delete them and cite the book you must have seen it when it gave you the pages that are usually omitted. Do what you think is best but feel free to let me know if you have any concerns about these

Are you sure about the Kinks setlists that you are adding and the others you are asking to delete? The link to the Doug Hinman book has the relevant pages omitted.

Hey QueenFan11, I run The R.E.M. Timeline we don’t spend hours researching shows by the band just for people to copy our hard work & posting it on another website, an inferior one at that in portraying the live chronology of R.E.M. Rather than wasting your time, why not help us out? We work closely with the band, so we are trying to be as complete as possible. We do appreciate that the website is referenced, but feel you could be using your time better than simply copying our work.

It's a big site. Go do something else. I don't need help.

Hi, no I don't have them digital (yet), I have over 500 tapes here at home. I am figuring out how to digitaize those and perhaps start trading again.

Hi Queenfan,

I was a very active tapetrader in the late eighties en nineties, I have seen them on the their two first european tours. I have the tapes here literally on tape. The Zwolle 1988 concert was, almost complete, broadcasted on the Dutch radio

What are you trying to proof with deleting the Paul McCartney tours?

Hi, I found you have added 4 shows of Rainbow in Japan.
Unfortunately, the source you referred is wrong with these Japanese shows.
3 shows (4 Dec. ’76 in Nagoya, 6 Dec. ’76 in Tokyo, and 28 Jan. ’78 in Tokyo) were not scheduled at all.
1 show (1 Feb. ’78 in Kanazawa) was scheduled but cancelled due to fatal accident at their concert in Sapporo on 27 Jan.
Sorry, I have deleted all of them.

Cheers on adding all the Ween setlists!

Hi. Maybe you missed it. I'm still waiting for a source for this show:


The link you gave doesn't list a date. I need a response or I'm batch reverting all of them. Thank you.

The Moody Blues usually played the same songs on tour especially a couple years later but not always. The good thing about providing a source for shows you did not attend is that it at least allows us to assess the source. Some are better than others and after seeing them a few times it is possible for us to decide how much we trust that particular one.
Thanks for replying to my question. If you have any questions about the site feel free to ask me or another Moderator or Roadie.

Please stop added assumed setlists. I know you are adding sources now but you need to read them in detail as they are sometimes only for one show. The 1971 Moody Blues Leeds show setlist for instance uses an NME review of a different show. Please reply on my homepage so I know you are listening.

I was at the Dio show in Dublin in 1984, and I have an audio bootleg of it; they didn't play 'The Mob Rules'

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