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Hi, no I don't have them digital (yet), I have over 500 tapes here at home. I am figuring out how to digitaize those and perhaps start trading again.

Hi Queenfan,

I was a very active tapetrader in the late eighties en nineties, I have seen them on the their two first european tours. I have the tapes here literally on tape. The Zwolle 1988 concert was, almost complete, broadcasted on the Dutch radio

What are you trying to proof with deleting the Paul McCartney tours?

Hi, I found you have added 4 shows of Rainbow in Japan.
Unfortunately, the source you referred is wrong with these Japanese shows.
3 shows (4 Dec. ’76 in Nagoya, 6 Dec. ’76 in Tokyo, and 28 Jan. ’78 in Tokyo) were not scheduled at all.
1 show (1 Feb. ’78 in Kanazawa) was scheduled but cancelled due to fatal accident at their concert in Sapporo on 27 Jan.
Sorry, I have deleted all of them.

Cheers on adding all the Ween setlists!

Hi. Maybe you missed it. I'm still waiting for a source for this show:


The link you gave doesn't list a date. I need a response or I'm batch reverting all of them. Thank you.

The Moody Blues usually played the same songs on tour especially a couple years later but not always. The good thing about providing a source for shows you did not attend is that it at least allows us to assess the source. Some are better than others and after seeing them a few times it is possible for us to decide how much we trust that particular one.
Thanks for replying to my question. If you have any questions about the site feel free to ask me or another Moderator or Roadie.

Please stop added assumed setlists. I know you are adding sources now but you need to read them in detail as they are sometimes only for one show. The 1971 Moody Blues Leeds show setlist for instance uses an NME review of a different show. Please reply on my homepage so I know you are listening.

I was at the Dio show in Dublin in 1984, and I have an audio bootleg of it; they didn't play 'The Mob Rules'

Hi! Let's avoid having "presumed" or "assumed" setlists. If the setlist is not known with certainty, then it is better to leave it blank. In the cases where the setlist is partially known, you can add those songs as long as they can be verified from your source. Thanks!

Hi! I see that you are new here. I just wanted to let know if you are going to be filling in setlists for shows that are over 30 years old, then you should provide a source for each of your changes. Saying that this was the tour setlist is not considered a valid source.
Moderators reserve the right to revert and block any of your changes if you fail to provide a valid source. Thanks!

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