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Hello, did you happen to record the Steely Dan show you attended in 1996? If so, please contact me at barbecuefan91(at)gmail(dot)com

Writing Corrected Cover as a source is not a valid source for https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/romeo-delight/2020/the-birchmere-alexandria-va-5b823f1c.html
You may have good knowledge about certain songs or artists, but this is a community in which everybody can learn something . So next time give us a valid source with a link to where e.g. the artists sings the cover.
If someone would have edited this as David Bowie & Mick Jagger for Dancing in the Streets cover, and tell Corrected Cover would he be correct? To some people yes, because they may not know the original song, like some may not know The Man Who Sold the World was originally by David Bowie and not a Nirvana original.

I noticed you recently attended The Simon & Garfunkel story at National Theatre, and documented the setlist. Looks like you may have used the setlist I previously documented from a couple of years ago as a base. Not a bad strategy, but I would check for slight variation. For instance, I see the overall note at the bottom shows Taylor Bloom and Brian Cooley as performers, yet for song "For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her" your setlist shows Ryan Hunt as vocalist. Ryan Hunt was the performer alongside Taylor Bloom when I saw them, but your note at the bottom indicates perhaps a different performer when you saw them.

Please read the guidelines for festivals and tours to distinguish the difference between the two. You've added a lot of setlists at https://www.setlist.fm/festival/2009/we-are-one-the-obama-inaugural-celebration-2009-2bd6d8b6.html to a tour.

Hi Ranger...I see you too saw the Cyndi Lauper concert at SUNY Buffalo in 1984. I was front row for that and took some gorgeous 35mm photos that day. Did you happen to take photos also? I've never seen anyone else's from that event. I have a setlist from the stage, one of Cyndi's bracelets that broke off, and an audio recording of the entire show on a cheap cassette. Just posted the setlist songs on this site. Best, Mike

Hey Ranger. Would love to see your pix from the Heads show at Amherst from October, 1983. Any chance you would be willing to send me copies?

Cessna same day. Something is wrong. Need to go check the ticket stubs. I should have both of them. Thanks.

I see that you saw Elton John in Frankfurt and the Festival Rock over Germany Schwalmstadt at the same time. Is this possible, or played Elton on the festival,too? (June 24, 1995)

Ranger, I edited Tab Benoit's setlist at the Birchmere, March 6, 2014. But in the edit, lost the link to the video you posted. Can you restore that link?
Thanks, Mark

Hi Ranger, I tweaked the Canned Heat setlist. Don't forget to Boogie!

Do you have the The Band at My Fathers Place Ticket stub Dec 1984? Would love a scan. Thanks TIm

Hey, any Ramones on audio or video to trade?

Hey Ranger, what was the lineup for Jefferson Starship?

What would you think of a Bayou remembrance concert?....if youre intrested please email me at CABakerBayou@gmail.com

Hey there, Ranger. Would you happen to have your ticket/stub from the Foreigner show at Hammerjacks (12/18/92)? And would you be willing to scan an image of same to me? This would go a long way toward completing my collection. Thanks!

I have it and will scan and send out later. Not sure of cost as ticket says $0.0 as it was complimentary. A buddy of mine worked at university newspaper and got free tickets to write articles. He got two tickets and I drove.